Many Michigan residents start their day with a boost from their favorite caffeinated beverage. And many of us in the Great Lakes state choose coffee as our go-to drink. But before you make that next cup of Joe, are you drinking one of the brands that recently made the list of the worst coffee sold in Michigan?


The Worst Coffee In The U.S. Is Also Sold In Michigan

Some Michigan residents prefer black coffee and some enjoy it with cream or sugar. Some will also argue they don't need the best brand of coffee available on store shelves. However, according to a recent list from 24/7 Wall Street, it's not just the price point and taste that makes a coffee brand better or worse than the others.

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According to 24/7 WallStreet, there are 6 coffee brands that we should avoid buying in Michigan. Several of these popular brands have been around for years and are on the list for surprising reasons and some could be affecting our health. One brand that made the list is Death Wish Coffee. The high price point with a one-pound bag costing around $20 and an extremely high caffeine content helped land Death Wish Coffee in the #2 spot as a coffee brand you may want to leave on the grocery store shelf.

Another brand with several reasons to avoid it is Nescafe which landed at #5 on 24/7 Wallstreet's list. Questions about freshness and overall quality of their offerings, make Nescafé a less favorable choice. Check out the list below of other brands 24/7 WallStreet suggests to avoid with the number one brand being the most surprising.

The 6 Worst Coffee Brands To Avoid Buying In Michigan

24/7 WallStreet examined a selection of coffee brands that, due to various reasons ranging from quality concerns to ethical issues, might be best left on the store shelves.

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