We've done a lot of pieces on wkfr.com about food and restaurants. So I thought, how about a list of some of the places that have been featured on Food Network. (SFX: Crickets)That's right. No Kalamazoo or Battle Creek places have been featured on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or The Best Thing I Ever Ate or even Good Sweets.

Yes, they been to several places on the fringe of here. Joe's Gizzard City in Potterville was on "Triple D", The Grill House in Allegan was featured Travel Channel's Food Paradise and Frankie's in Three Rivers was on Restaurant: Impossible.

Rather than whine about it, let's think about some places that would be ideal for Food TV shows.

1. Malia in Battle Creek. The mushroom soup alone makes Malia a first ballot Hall of Fame restaurant. (But don't stop there. This place is like those fancy places that the chefs rave about on Food Network. Order off the chalkboard. It's all amazing!)

Malia in Battle Creek
Google Street

2. Louie's Trophy House, on Kalamazoo's near North side. The place celebrates 100 years in 2018. The most colorful clientele, and the story of how new ownership reinvented to coolest place in town would make it Must See Food TV.

3. Speaking of history, Coney Island, downtown Kalamazoo has been doing the best coney forever. (Actually they've been around three years longer than Louie's)

4. Any brewery/restaurant in town. Most have at least one signature dish, and at least one (or many) signature beer.

5. I know Triple D loves colorful, unique operators. Well, Robert and the crew at Ray-Ray's certainly could fill 5-10 minutes of a food show very well. And, as with Louie's, the customers are friendly and you meet some really interesting people.

Ray-Ray's Italian Beef
Incredible Italian Beef Sandwich at Ray-Ray's, Kalamazoo (Dave Benson/TSM)


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