Have you ever done a message in a bottle? We did it as a class project once to study the currents of our local river. But, in those cases our bottles almost immediately came back. No fun there, right? Well, that is not the case for this tiny toy boat that could.

Wisconsin resident Lynn Bebeau was taking a stroll along Lake Superior's shore with her husband when she happened upon a small, wooden, toy boat.

After turning it over, Lynn discovered a message asking the reader to simply contact the address provided to indicate the location of the discovery and to put it back in the water.

A wooden Toy Boat discovered on the shore of Lake Superior 27 years after its original launch

According to MLive.com, after taking a few pictures, Lynn followed the instructions and proceeded to contact the Lakewood School in Duluth to see if she could get anymore information. I'm nicknaming this toy the little boat that could. After contacting the school and sharing a post on Facebook Lynn learned that the class did a study on a book titled "Paddle to the Sea". It tells the story of an inscribed canoe that travels across all of the Great Lakes which inspired the class to release their own inscribed boat. That was in the early 1990's. That means, that for about 27 years, this little boat has been braving currents, waves, and weather to make its trip. Which is WAY cooler than my little bottle that immediately washed ashore at my feet.

If you're close to the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan, Wisconsin or Minnesota keep an eye out for a little red, white and blue on the surface of the water. You never know where it might show up next.

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