Anybody who lives in the Kalamazoo area could easily list you over 10 different places to dine. I've even done my fair share of eating out in my time here and I've barely even scratched the surface of restaurants and breweries. But people in Battle Creek feel like they may be getting the short end of the stick.

Battle Creek has apparently been lacking in the food department and residents have been pretty vocal on social media the past few days so I wanted to give them a platform to speak their minds and let us know what kind of restaurants they'd like to see come over to their side of town. These are some of the ideas they had:

1.Tracy B.- Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse. Something besides burgers and seafood.
2. Sarah C.- A place that sells Philly Cheesesteak subs. The last place I went to that had it on the menu served me 2 Texas toast slices of bread with cubes of steak in the middle. I was so shocked at their stupid idea of what a Philly cheesesteak sub was that I couldn't even get angry.
3. Vena M.- Definitely Golden Corral.
4. Deyon B.- 
A coney island place.
5. Karen S.- More Indian - Mediterranean
6. JR Terry C.
7. Tom W.- Different things. Cheddar's would be good. Longhorn.
Bojangles is a longshot because of their locations, but something like Zaxby's wouldn't be too bad.
8. John S.-  Moe's, Red Robin, Tom and Chee.
9. Heather L.- Brann's, Olive Garden, or Carrabba's.
10. Mary S.- More seafood restaurants.

I think the good people of Battle Creek have a pretty eclectic taste for food and would love to see some additions to the variety of the city. What restaurants do you wanna see in Battle Creek?

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