Tis the season to talk all things spooky including our biggest fears. According to Healthline, there are 5 basic categories that fears fall into.

  • fears related to specific situations like flying for example
  • fears related to animals
  • fears related to bodily issues like blood, injury or injections
  • fears related to the natural environment
  • other like loud noises or choking

In fact, on that same page you can find about 100 known phobias listed. But, where does Michigan fall?

Your Local Security recently did a poll on each state's most common fear by studing the most common searches (which they then turned into an ad for their home security systems. Very clever).

At the top of the list is Anthrophobia otherwise known as the fear of people followed by things like the fear of failure, germs, heights and for Michigian...spiders! A fear we share with only one other state - Wisconsin.

However, we like to do our own polls here at WKFR without trying to sell you something at the end of it. 😂 Yesterday, we asked "what are you afraid of" on Facebook and here are the results!

Coming in at number one - Snakes. That's followed closely by spiders, right in line with the rest of Michigan, with Bats and Frogs right behind spiders.

Of course, we did discover some unique fears. Like Dacotah who commented,

Clowns, crickets, well anything that surprise hops at me

I suppose frogs would be included in the "surprise hops" category, right?

Raeann wrote,


We're all right there with you, Raeann.

And this might be my personal favorite from the joint account of Henry and Sue...

T-Rex. Every time I watch a movie with one, I have nightmares

Thankfully, I don't think you'll be encountering those in the wild anytime soon.

What are your biggest fears? Did they line up with the rest of Michigan or your fellow Battle Creek and Kalamazoo residents? Let us know!

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