A few weeks ago we broke a story that really struck a nerve and pulled at the heartstrings of the community. A Pit-mix pupper named Bruce was abandoned in a cage in the middle of the street at the end of a cul-de-sac in Kalamazoo. There were a few people who claimed to have talked to someone who may have been the owner, but the damage was done and the only important thing was to find a home for this sad beautiful creature.

Luckily, the community bonded together to get the attention of the Kalamazoo Animal rescue and they were able to find Bruce a new home after dozens of inquiries were made to adopt him. Now it seems like Bruce, now known as Dewey, is living the high life and it looks as though he's made a new best friend. Her name is Abby, and the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue provided an update on their Facebook, saying:

From abandoned in a crate at the end of a cul de sac to living the good life with his new fur sister, Bruce - now named Dewey - has found his forever family.
They are prepared to continue building his confidence with men, provide plenty of exercise (he needs it) and work on his basic commands and manners. Plus, he is crazy about his new sister, Abby!
Go be great Dewey, you deserve it!
It's really great when something so sad happens to an animal, and in the end he gets a new lease on life. I guess every dog really does have its day.
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