Although its been a mild start to our winter season, I have to admit I already find myself confined to my apartment. More so, that's due to the pandemic and not the weather...but I know colder weather is on the way. Since I'm already feeling a bit of cabin fever I reached out to my fellow Michiganders and asked, "What do you do to cope with cabin fever?"

It's a question I, of course, had googled before. But, I want to get first hand experiences from those who actually live here. Here are some of the responses left on Facebook:

Connie M. wrote: Skiing, Snowmobiling, making snowmen, snowball skating, ice fishing, hockey, tobogganing. That's quite the list!

Katie P. commented: If there’s snow, snow angels. Also, just outside walks in general. Other than that, this is a great time to get indoor remodels done.

In fact, outside walks were the most popular recommendation with Rhiannon A., Tara M., and Rob G. all made similar suggestions.

Brandi K. continued saying: Sit by the electric fireplace with a warm drink. Read, color, crafts. That does sound cozy.

Thomas R., clearly someone who's used to cold winters, wrote: Cabin fever? It’s been in the upper 30’s and forties. That’s still shorts weather. Go camping! Look. You have a point. But, this Florida girl has to acclimate first! 😆

And finally, Arwen C. said: Go back to Florida. Everything is shut down here. I get it. But, I will not be defeated by snow! So, here I shall stay.

Everyone who commented had fantastic suggestions and definitely gave me a few ideas but what do the experts say? Well, has some suggestions as well:

1. Give yourself a routine 

Woman Loading Dishwashwasher In Kitchen

To keep a sense of structure, try to create a daily routine that consists of work or house projects, mealtimes, workout time, and even downtime.

2. Maintain a social life


Easier said than done these days, right? But, with Facetime, Zoom and other services, face to face conversations with our friends is still possible. And definitely necessary. I mean, how many one-sided conversations can I have with my cat?

3. Carve out some "me time"


Clearly, whoever suggested this as an option for relief when you're stuck indoors might not have children. That's just an assumption. While I, myself, do not have children I can understand and empathize with the fact that ''me time" might be hard to find if you also have to keep the kids entertained. IF you do happen to find some time - reading a book, meditation or listening to a podcast are some of the suggestions.

4. Break a sweat


Apparently, "research has shown that people who exercise regularly are less prone to anxiety than people who don’t exercise. That’s because physical activity lowers your body’s stress hormones, such as cortisol." I do find myself feeling better when I exercise. A quick round of jumping jacks and I'm ready to tackle the rest of the day. My apologies to my downstairs neighbor.

Again, much appreciation to everyone that gave me their suggestions. I feel even more prepared to be stuck inside for months at a time.

Have a suggestion I missed? Let me know on the app!

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