I got my haircut over the weekend in Portage and I am one satisfied customer

Sally Reames from the Community Healing Center in Kalamazoo, generously gave me a gift card to A'vie Salon in Portage.  I think it was her saying "thank you" for sleeping on a roof for two nights for Roof Sit :P  I've always gotten cheap $10 haircuts because I don't color my hair and I like to keep it long.  However, somehow every single time I get a cut/trim the cut is either uneven, too short or so butchered that I have to wear my hair up for months.

I saw Helen at A'vie and she cut my hair exactly how I've always wanted it!  My bangs are at the perfect length, the long layers are even and she even showed me some tricks to give my fine hair some body.

I had NO idea that head massages were involved during shampooing until this weekend.  I can't believe I've been missing out!  Helen had to wake me up because I fell asleep in the chair :P



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