The worst airline in the United States took a 16-year-old over 2,000 miles in the wrong direction.

AirAdvisor recently named Frontier Airlines the worst in the United States for 2023.  The shamed airline decided to end the year with one final gigantic mistake.  Frontier Airlines put a 16-year-old who was flying alone on the wrong jet.  Instead of flying him from Tampa to Cleveland to see his mother for Christmas.  They put the boy on a jet to Puerto Rico.  The strangest part, when confronted with this issue as the boy stood stranded 1,200 miles from home, the airline denied this issue according to an interview with the boy's father with WFLA,

They kept brushing it off, saying no that’s not possible. That can’t happen.  And when they did finally realize their mistake and said it looks like Logan did get on the other plane, they just said, oh sorry and that was it.

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So, how exactly could something like this happen?  It turns out that the 16-year-old traveler arrived at the correct gate 2 hours before his flight.  At that moment the airline was boarding a flight to Puerto Rico.  They would start boarding for the flight to Cleveland at the same gate 2 hours later.  When the teen walked up to the desk, a Frontier employee looked at the tag on his bag then looked at his ticket, and told him to get on the jet.  It's unclear how the Frontier employee looked at both items and still told the boy to board.  It is also unclear as to why they didn't scan his boarding pass which is what they're supposed to do.

The teen's father was offered an apology and a $200 voucher to fly Frontier in the future.  The father was very clear that the airline's response fell far short of accountability.

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