Graduating high school is a momentous occasion in any teen's life. You've survived the difficult and often awkward high school years with nothing but possibilities ahead of you as you start your adult life.

Maybe you'll head off to college. Maybe you'll go travel. Or, maybe you've already started your own business with products that will soon be featured in a popular, local grocery store like this Kalamazoo teen.

This is Anaya Fernando. She's 18-years-old, just graduated from Portage Northern High School in May of this year, and has already founded her own successful business.

Focusing on skincare needs, her business Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats has become so successful that you'll soon be able to find it at Fresh Thyme Market. But first, let's talk about the business.

What Kind of Products Are Offered?

As the name suggests, this business is all about skincare. You'll find products like:

  • lip gloss
  • body butter
  • sugar scrubs
  • body mist
  • body oils
  • bath bombs

And more. All of them sound delightful with scents like chocolate chip, berry breeze, blueberry cheesecake, and buttercream, it's safe to say that these will probably smell good enough to eat:

Make sure you avoid that temptation to take a bite as they are not edible. However, they are made without toxic ingredients. When asked why Anaya chose skincare as her business she said,

Because I wanted to create self-care products without toxic ingredients. As women, we love to pamper ourselves and for many, the use of body butter, lip scrub, sugar scrub, and other products that we make are included with their self-care routine. I have always loved fun, great smelling products but eventually I realized I wanted to make these same types of products but in a different way.

Great smelling products that are also great for the skin? Sounds like a win to me.

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Can I Find These Products in Stores?

As mentioned above, you'll soon be able to find Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats in Fresh Thyme.

While her products have previously only been offered online, increased demand led to this partnership with Fresh Thyme Market which will feature four of Anaya's top-selling products. In fact, with the launch of these products in-store, you have the opportunity to meet Anaya in person.

On June 19th, Anaya will be at the Fresh Thyme Market in Portage (6212 S Westnedge Ave) from 1 to 4 pm. You can also expect product samples and demos. Plus, an opportunity to meet the teen who has already figured out how to operate a successful business.

Of course, if you can't make it in person, you can always find Anaya's products on Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats website. Keep in mind, products are now being offered in bulk for wholesale and private label customers, too.

Graduating high school and cultivating your own successful business to the point where your products are now being offered in-store is already a lot to have under your belt in one year. There's no doubt that with the dedication and motivation she's already displayed, Anaya will be going on to do great things in her life.

Speaking of, I asked what her hopes or plans for the future are. Her response reads,

My hopes for my business are to gain access to a larger space for manufacturing and storing our products. Eventually, I also want to begin hiring people in the city of Kalamazoo. I am also hopeful to partner with more local and national retailers. Lastly, I want to be able to give back more in the community by continuing our efforts to support charities that focus on mental health and low-income families.

If you'd like to follow Anaya's journey with Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats, you can find the brand both on Facebook and Instagram.

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