This is a "Handyman Special" if I ever did see one! If you're up for a project, this Sturgis, Michigan home for sale will keep you plenty busy. Located downtown, the historic home appears to have been left vacant for a while but judging by the graffiti inside it wasn't entirely empty.

The property at 110 Pleasant Street in scheduled to hit the auction block on Monday June 6. With a starting bid of $10,000 you might get lucky and walk away with a deal!

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Referred to as the "Christmere House" this Queen Anne Victorian-style home is a historic piece of southwest Michigan and has garnered quite a bit of attention throughout the years, having been featured in Michigan Living magazine in 1995. The website Old Houses Under 50K recently featured the mansion online referring to it as, "Once the grandest house in Sturgis".

When they say "historic" they mean historic! The website says it claims to be the oldest house in Sturgis and for a time it served as a hospital. Rumor has it a speakeasy even operated out of the basement in the 1920s and '30s! Local ghost-hunting groups have been known to tour it as well.

As it turns out, this property wasn't always so run down. In the '80s and 90's it operated as a bed and breakfast. I stumbled across some photos of the home during that time. It's hard to believe that in such a (relatively) short amount of time the home deteriorated to its present-day condition. It's almost unrecognizable! However, the photos reveal the true potential of the home should someone buy it up and put some love back into it.

The property features 9 bedrooms and 6 full baths. Knowing that it once operated as a bed and breakfast helps to make much more sense of its numerous bedrooms with kitchenettes in them and explains the property's commercial zoning.

The ornate fireplaces alone will make you fall in love with the property and the hardwood staircase and bannister, in addition to the original stained glass, just adds to the charm!

Can you see the potential that lies within this historic home?

Victorian Home for Sale in Sturgis Is a Real Fixer Upper, Definitely NOT Haunted

The Queen Anne Victorian home in downtown Sturgis goes up for auction on June 6, 2022.

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