For years, Sturgis Bowl located in Sturgis, MI at 1101 S Centerville Rd has been the local spot for families to spend a fun night together, to hang out with friends, compete with some of the best local bowlers, catch a small fun concert, game out in the arcade and support a fun, family owned business. The hardships however from the past year and a half have unfortunately caught up with the owners, and through trials and hardships, have announced they'll be closing their doors permanently.

In a post released on their social media account, they expressed their sorrow for the tough decision that needed to be made:

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We barreled thru as best we could given the situation the world was in. Unfortunately, the damage it had on us is one that is unrecoverable from. With heavy hearts we are sad to inform you that the Sturgis Bowl will be closing its doors permanently. This has been heavy in our minds and hearts for months trying to find a way to make this all work and to make up for all we lost. We just cannot go on.
They went on to thank friends, families, employees and guests, as they believe the bowl served as an amazing place for years for many people and say they will hold onto all the memories and good times they shared with everyone. This pandemic has really made it hard for a lot of local business owners and as unfortunate as this closing is, we can only hope more businesses aren't impacted as severely as Sturgis Bowl was.

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