Kalamazoo has so many amazing qualities that I've fallen in love with since moving here in 2017, that it's no surprise that it was recently named one of the Top 10 places to retire in America.  The website smartasset.com collected data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the Council for Community and Economic Research. The study estimates that a million dollars would last a retiree in Kalamazoo about 28 years. That was good enough to rank Kalamazoo at 7th best.

Lynn Zhang, a financial adviser at Zhang Financial in Portage, Michigan told WWMT that the retirement estimate would depend greatly on the quality of life the retiree would like. That million would last that long at a spending level of about $30,000 a year according to the study. Smartasset.com is an online financial information company. Personally, between record shows, beer, and live shows, I'm not sure how long that million would last me.

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