In episode 8 of Season 1 of The Simpsons, Bart cuts off the statue head of Jebediah Springfield to impress the Springfield bullies, but the city gets angry and starts looking for the vandal. Homer and Bart try to return the head and end up getting chased by the mob. After being caught, Bart points out that it wasn't until the head was gone that everyone realized that they had taken the town's heritage for granted and also tells everyone that his guilt outweighs any punishment they might have in store for him.

That's all fine and dandy for Bart, but the rules of Springfield don't necessarily apply for those here in Kalamazoo, as someone has apparently taken the head off of the skeleton display that stands in front of the Burnham & Flower Insurance Group building on the Kalamazoo Mall. The Humans of Kalamazoo posted a picture of the vandalized statue and one other person has said this isn't the only one that has been vandalized:

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I think I saw that another business’s skeleton was vandalized too. I really hope people stop with this, the Skeletour is so much fun and we won’t be able to continue it if people can’t leave the dang skeletons alone.

The Kalamazoo State Theatre's Bob Marley Skeleton had his skull and microphone stolen recently as well. The Skeletour is an annual event that the city holds for its residents, but if things like this keep happening, it won't come as much of a shock that they end up cancelling it going forward.

A reward will be given for the safe return of both skull and microphone. No questions asked, no consequences. We’d love for our community to be able to enjoy the Skeletour in downtown Kalamazoo with our Bob Marley as a stop!


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