The Black Lives Matter movement, which has remained strong and peaceful in our community, is something I feel needs to thrive. I believe far too many times we have seen protests and outrages for injustice, and then two weeks later we're focused on another issue and it's forgotten. This is an issue that needs to be solved. No longer can we allow systematic racism plague our friends and neighbors.

It's important now more than ever that we stand and support those who have fought so hard for equality. A great way to do that is to support what they have in the business world and support their livelihoods. MLive has gone out of their way to create a database which you can search by city and profession in Michigan of Black owned businesses. Currently among the listed cities is Kalamazoo and Jackson and you can search for many different services.

Anything from Art, Auto, Beauty, Business Service, Cleaning, Community, Construction, Entertainment, Food, Funeral, Healthcare, Housing, Landscaping, Realtor, Retail, Salon, and Transportation. There are many businesses and restaurants even in our city that are black owned or operated by POC, that need our support. Likewise, there are groups out there who do not support the interests of those belonging to the LGBTQ community, which is why Kalamazoo Flavor Menu was created on Facebook.

This database is a great creation and a good way that you can support those who continue to fight for equality in 2020. We owe it to them to stand with them in support. You can search the database here.

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