There are lots we can do as an online presence to support local businesses in our area that continue to serve our community. One open group on Facebook helps serve the needs of those who belong to the LGBTQ, POC, and Ally community, without exclusion. The group, Kalamazoo Flavor Menu describes itself to, "Support Women, Minority, LGBTQ and Immigrant Owned Food Service Businesses in Kalamazoo and to highlight Food Service Businesses that are known to be safe environments for all to be served without bias."

They have many local, struggling businesses that are being left out of the advertising and comradery that is surrounding our city's vibrant restaurant scene because of semantics or other structural related mindsets. If you are intrigued by flavor, you will get off the mainstream and support all businesses equally. This page is carrying the torch and lifting up the bar that The City of Kalamazoo has been working so hard to raise. It's about inclusion NOT exclusion. JOIN THE GROUP HERE.

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