There is a spot in Michigan where you can stand on three states at once, and it's not too far from Kalamazoo. From Camden, you drive south three miles on MI-49. Then turn west onto Territorial Rd. and drive three miles. At the Indiana state line you turn left onto a gravel road and drive south three-quarters of a mile. You'll see a pull-off on the left; the tri-state rock is just south of it. This rock marks the point where Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan all come together, so that you're literally in three places at once.

Now with that being said, there are some weird laws which reside in each state, which, depending on which act you're performing, you could be both doing something technically legal and technically illegal at the same time. Now mind you, some of these are incredibly dumb and I would never suggest doing some of them. Regardless, I find it pretty funny that you could be both breaking the law and not breaking the law at the same time.

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Here are some of the weirdest and dumbest laws below, and which state you would be doing something "technically" illegal and legal at the same time:

What State Would You Breaking A Law In If You Were Standing In 3 States At Once?

There is a spot where you can stand in Michigan, Ohio, and indiana

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