Homelessness is easily one of the biggest issues we have as a country. The biggest blemish on the face of the problem is home many of those homeless were men and women who gave themselves up for our country. That's why anytime someone is organizing an event to help the homeless vets here in Michigan, I want everyone to know about it.

One such event is being planned this week as FOX 17 reports. This Friday, June 15 in front of the hospital at the Metro Health Village on Byron Center Avenue in Wyoming, MI, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. veterans will have access to food, clothing, medical care, housing assistance, job counseling, free haircuts & massage, and even mental health services.

Amanda Briggs is a Social Worker at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs and spoke on just how important pop up events like these are:

It is an opportunity to reach out to veterans in the area that might be homeless or who might be struggling just to try and make it for whatever reason. It is opportunity for them to connect with resources we have in the community.



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