A name change is coming for the new Kum & Go gas stations in West Michigan.

The new Kum & Go gas stations just popped in Walker, Wyoming, and Grandville, Michigan in early 2023.  The convenience store chain with a hilariously naughty-sounding name is new to Michigan but it's been around for many years.  Kum & Go was established in Iown way back in 1959 by William A. Krause and Tony S. Gentle.  In 1975 they named the gas station chain Kum and Go as a nod to the creator's last initials Krause and Gentle.

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In 2023, FJ Management's Maverik chain purchased the 397 Kum & Go gas stations in 12 states and plans to completely rebrand the chain by 2025 according to a former Maverik member who spoke to CSP Daily News,

I think there was some concern about the inadvertent double entendre of the Kum & Go name.  I also believe that [Maverik CEO] Chuck Maggelet envisions growing Maverik into a multi-regional brand, and he’s not deterred by Casey’s, Kwik Trip, or other well-respected brands in the Midwest.

The Kum & Go gas station chain currently has locations in Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming, and now Michigan.  Maverik reportedly paid $2 billion for the Kum & Go Chain.  This purchase nearly doubles the number of stores in the Maverik chain to 801.

Will the nearly 400 Kum & Go gas stations sport the name Maverik in 2025 or will the chain be completely rebranded under a new name?  We may not know until later this year.

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