The Spring season is often times a symbol of rebirth. Flowers begin to bloom once again, the grass returns to a beautiful shade of green, and, apparently, a ton of cats and dogs are born!

Every week we do a segment called Dog Days where Katie Timber of the SPCA of SW Michigan joins us with a little cat or dog that needs a forever home. You can see our past Dog Days guests here. Recently, she told us how surprised she is at the number of baby animals either being born at or surrendered to the SPCA.

Coming from Florida, we didn't have a specific season where we expected more animals to be born which led me to ask: why? Well, it turns out weather has a lot to do with it. According to, farm animals tend to give birth in the spring because the weather is less harsh, the days are longer giving the parent animals more time to find food, and apparently air pressure has a lot to do with it too! Whatever the reason, the SPCA needs our help.

That's where the Puppy and Kitten Shower comes in! This weekend, the 5th Annual Puppy and Kitten Shower is being hosted at the SPCA of SW Michigan. This is an opportunity to show some support for the shelter while simultaneously having some fun!

The event takes place this Saturday, April 17th, from 11am - 4pm at 6955 KL Ave W in Kalamazoo. The event is free to attend however, they ask that you bring a kitten or puppy related item to donate. After all, that's what its all about! Kitten and puppy season is fast approaching and the SPCA needs to stock up on supplies. The event will also feature:

  • Games and prizes
  • Goodies
  • Tour of the shelter

Keep in mind, the event will also be Covid friendly. Find all the details on the SPCA's Facebook page.

As a reminder, there are many ways to help out the SPCA of SW Michigan like fostering, donating and volunteering. Information on what's needed can be found here.

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