This lovable American Pit Bull Terrier is currently the longest resident (18 months) of the SPCA of Southwest Michigan.

The SPCA is Michigan's largest, no-kill shelter.  As far as shelters go, this is a nice, clean place for a dog for a short-term stay.  However, there is no animal shelter that comes close to giving a dog the love and comfort it deserves like a loving home.

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Swayzee was surrendered to the SPCA of Southwest Michigan back in May of 2021 because his human had too many animals.  Swayzee is an adorable 7-year-old, white pitty that weighs around 55 pounds.  He's a happy boy who already knows the commands 'come' and 'sit' and is treat motivated so he can learn lots more.

This little cutie is hard of hearing.  So, he thought he'd give us a couple of helpful hints on how to communicate with him.

  • If I am looking away from you just gently tap my shoulder. If I'm busy sniffing something great you may have to gently tap a few times.
  • When I look at you just open and close your fingers toward your palm (like a backward wave) and I will 'come' to you. Give me a thumbs up and smile for Good boy!
  • When I get to you just point down for 'sit' and I dutifully sit for you. Another thumbs up for Good boy! And a treat is always nice too!
  • I Love to play ball! It's good to stand in front of me - I will be focused on the ball, wave your hand down in front of my face a few times for 'wait' then slowly pick up the ball - give me a thumbs up - and throw. In a flash, I'm back with the ball & repeat.

If you're interested in meeting Swayzee in person and hopefully giving him the loving home he deserves you can call 269-344-1474 or email  The SPCA of Southwest Michigan is located at 6955 West KL Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49009.

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