We all remember those cool magic eye books we grew up with, where you have to relax your eyes in order for an image to pop out three dimensionally and reveal itself. They always said to relax your eyes, but I always pulled off a combination of relaxation and crossing my eyes to make it work. I recently discovered a website that allows you to make your own message so i decided to have a little fun.

I took a bunch of cities, towns, and villages in Southwest Michigan and wanted to see how many of us could guess, or see, the name pop out of the magic eye photos. I've added some hints along the way if you're just not seeing it that may help bring the name of your town to focus. Even though I made these, it took me a while to see some of them. Let's get started...

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Can You Make Out Your Southwest Michigan Cities' Magic Eye?

If you couldn't see any, try not to to get upset like Willum...


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