Penn High School graduate Paul Chestovich and his many colleagues in Las Vegas worked tirelessly as 58 innocent people were murdered and another 500+ wounded.

I've known Paul since 1995.  We worked together at a movie theater at the University Park Mall in Mishawaka.  I would've never predicted that my long haired, Nine Inch Nails lovin co-worker would one day become a successful surgeon.

After many, many hours of what I am sure was one of the roughest nights of his life he posted this on Facebook,

I'm home safe now. I am so incredibly proud to work with a phenomenal team in the Trauma Center at UMC. From top to bottom, we showed up and got to work last night. My partners, our acute care surgery fellows, nurses, respiratory therapists, administrators, janitors, security and clerks. Everyone showed up, many without being asked, and got to work. That's what we do. I'm pround to call all of them my partners.

Words cannot express how much all the texts, messages, prayers and emails, meant to me on this horrible night. Thank you all for thinking of me. Even if I did not respond, I read them all and they meant a lot.

Although our night was tough, my prayers go out to the victims, and the police and forensic investigators who have to sift through the carnage and witness the aftermath of this tragedy firsthand.

The next several days will be busy. I will write you all back when I have the chance. Thank you,God Bless, and stay safe.

There is NO question that the hard work of people like Paul Chestovich saved many lives Sunday Night.  That hard work did not go unnoticed.  Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Dr. Phil stopped by the University Medical Center to thank this trauma team.

Paul Chestovich
Paul Chestovich

Paul...I mean Dr. Chestovich, you've made us all proud!


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