A bill clarifying the use of medical marijuana for all involved was signed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder today.

Medical Marijuana
ThinkStock; UrosPoteko

Snyder today signed the three-bill package to clarify the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law that was adopted in 2008.

"This new law will help Michiganders of all ages and with varying medical conditions access safe products to relieve their suffering,” Snyder said. “We can finally implement a solid framework that gives patients a safe source from which to purchase and utilize medical marijuana.”

House Bills 4209, 4827 and 4210 sponsored by state Reps. Michael Callton, Klint Kesto, and Lisa Posthumus Lyons, respectively, will give local governments the authority to regulate the location and number of medical marijuana provisioning centers, allow marijuana-infused products, such as lotions and tinctures for patients who would rather not smoke or consume marijuana, and create a “seed-to-sale” tracking system to ensure that any marijuana being dispensed to patients has been tested for safety.


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