If snow makes you a jolly happy soul, you'll want to check out the Gaylord, Michigan snowman camera.

How much snow is up North? Do snowmen sleep at night? What is there to do in Gaylord this time of year? Ken & Brenda Borton's backyard may have the answers. For more than a decade, the Snowman Cam has been streaming 24/7 from Gaylord, Michigan.

Live cameras can be totally boring or completely mesmerizing, depending on your point of view. This simple shot of a solitary snowman, wearing a Red Wings jersey with his old silk hat, is a peaceful look at Northern Michigan Winter.

If you watch long enough, you'll see deer stop by, along with wild turkeys and the snowman even got a recent visit from a porcupine. In addition to the live streaming page, the snowman has a YouTube channel providing highlights, his own Facebook page, and even a gift shop selling souvenirs like coffee mugs, hats, hoodies, greeting cards and even snowman cam earrings- everything but a corn cob pipe is for sale.

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