During the Covid-19 pandemic, the capacity of public forums was dramatically cut down leaving restaurants with long waits and many tables they couldn't use. Their solution was to begin using igloo dining rooms. The igloo dining rooms were heated and allowed for visitors to sit outside while being appropriately spaced from others inside the igloo as they enjoyed their meal outside.

The best part was that they were warm, and the wait times went down for restaurant attendees. The igloos were so popular that they've managed to become a mainstay of Michigan winters. So, here are the places in Southwest Michigan and other parts of the state offering igloo dining this winter.

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Snow-thing Can't Stop Southwest Michigan

As we know over here in the southwest part of the state, the winters are not kind to us, and lake-effect snow can really ruin a lot of things. Luckily for us, restaurants have decided to join in on the outdoor winter dining ambiance and provide igloos for our enjoyment.

A few places that have igloo dining available in Southwest Michigan are Bird Dog and the Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery in Mattawan, Dog & The Bank in Plainwell, NEDS on Gull Lake in Hickory Corners, and even Three Blondes Brewing in South Haven to name a few.

Eating Outdoors Out East

Most people remember this trend starting over on the east side of the state and, don't worry, they aren't leaving the party early. A lot of places got the ball rolling during the pandemic, and some dropped out of the game, but here are the ones still providing outdoor igloo dining.

Places like Ale Mary's in Royal Oak, Lumen and San Morelle in Detroit, Blakes Tasting Room in Armada, Watermark Bar and Grille in St Clair shores, Moose Preserve in Bloomfield, Detroit Fleat in Ferndale, Honcho in Clarkston, and White Horse Inn in Metamora will be providing outdoor winter dining.

This winter could be the perfect opportunity for an igloo dining date, grabbing drinks with a few friends, or even just trying a new place on your own. Maybe one of these places interests you and you try one, or you know of a place that isn't on this list and you go there instead.

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