We've received so much snow already this winter that we have measure it in feet, not inches.

This has been a strange winter.  The season started out very mild this year.  Temps were above average and not much snow.  In Fact, Kalamazoo got less than 2 inches of snow in December.

Jeff Porter from WWMT tells us that so far this winter (as of March 7th, 2019) Kalamazoo has been hit with just over 60 inches of snow.  That's 5 feet!  Battle Creek close to 49 inches of snow (a little over 4 feet.)  Important note from Jeff Porter on the Battle Creek numbers: The adjacent site that is closest and most reliable is Litchfield, which is 20 miles to the south.

We are above Kalamazoo's average of 52 inches of snow per year.

However, we're not far off from last year.  It may feel like a rougher winter due to most of the frigid temps and snow fall hitting us all at once in February.

Look at the numbers below from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center for the 2017-2018 winter.

Kalamazoo: 68"
Battle Creek: 85"

There's a chance we finish this winter with less snow than last year.  Mind blown!






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