When it comes to perfumes and body sprays I can never seem to find the right scent when I'm shopping in the stores. And now, I don't have to.

Don't get me wrong, I, too was a part of the Sweet Pea craze from Bath and Body Works back in the day. If I never have to smell that again, I'll be okay (and it's completely my own fault).

Nowadays, I avoid sprays like the plague. My allergies and asthma just don't agree with most of the commercially sold perfumes. That's why this unique experience in downtown Kalamazoo caught my attention. It's a place where you can create a customized scent completely unique to you.

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The Aroma Labs recently opened a brand new location in downtown Kalamazoo so, I decided to check it out. I believe they take walk-ins but, being a person who always loves to plan ahead, I made an appointment ahead of time (which I would recommend).

The Experience

When The Aroma Labs says this is an experience, they're not lying. You sit down at a table with an incredible amount of high quality scents to choose from.

attachment-The Aroma Labs Scent options

There are floral scents, woodsy scents, citrus scents and food scents (like apple, fig, etc.). I went through smelling every single one and set aside the ones I liked best. If you have a hard time making decisions (same) Tanya, who owns Aroma Labs, is there with you through every step to guide you through the process.

Once I narrowed down my favorites it was time for mixing. You're given a few strips where you can combine the scents to see what works. I ended up with three different combinations. One was more floral. One was a little sweeter. The last was very musky. To keep it organized, you're given a little chart to write down not only your favorites but the combos you preferred as well:

attachment-The Aroma Labs chart

The great part is once you have found your signature scent The Aroma Labs keeps it on file. That way, whenever you run out you can simply pop in to pick up a refill. Or, you can make an appointment to create an entirely new scent which will also be kept on file.

The Products

attachment-The Aroma Labs Product Options

Silly me assuming this would just apply to perfume. Absolutely not. That signature scent that you create can be transformed into a number of different products. Here are just a few:

  • Perfumes
  • Hand sanitizer/hand soap
  • Shower gel
  • Lotion
  • Room Sprays
  • Candle

There's a lot more too. You can see the full list here.

After finally deciding on my customized scents I brought my chart to Tanya who got to work on mixing them into my chosen products. I went with a room spray, a roller ball for perfume and a cologne for my significant other.

attachment-The Aroma Labs Mixing

And just like that, I have my own, signature perfume (and more)!

I tested the room spray out in my office today to see just how long the fragrance would last. I sprayed it a few times, left my office for several hours and was pleasantly surprised that the scent was still lingering.

If you're tired of the commercially sold perfumes, lotions, etc. and want to try something different, I would recommend checking out The Aroma Labs. It would be perfect for a bridal shower or friends night out too.

You can find them on Facebook, online or stop by at 352 S Kalamazoo Mall.

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