The other day I had my very first sledding experience. Surprising as it may be, there weren't a lot of opportunities to sled in the sunny state of Florida. Naturally, I was also the only one who wiped out. You can see the video below:

When I was initially invited to go sledding I set out on a mission to find my very own sled to no avail. I went to Meijer, Menards, Target, checked out local hardware stores...nothing! My friends were gracious enough to share but, what's the deal? Is there a shortage of sleds in the Kzoo? Or did I just get unlucky?

Well, it looks like it may be the former judging by a reddit post from u/marthamaeski.

In her post, she asked, "Is Kzoo sold out of sleds?". She went on to express her frustration saying they had looked everywhere and, like me, found nothing. While the comments on her post gave a few hints as to where these elusive sleds could be purchased, people mostly gave suggestions of what could be used in place of a shed.

Look, I know I'm new here but some of these seem...questionable. 😅

Reddit user portagedude started off with a very sweet offer saying: You can borrow ours if you want. Very kind. Also very reasonable compared to some other suggestions.

NateDogg34 wrote: I grew up up north and one of the ski hills had an event called the Cardboard Classic. People made cardboard sleds and went down the bunny hill. Keep it simple and get a big piece of cardboard and cover it in shipping tape, that thing will fly! Ours was toboggan shaped, just shorter. I've seen people do similar competitions in Florida but with pools instead of snowy hills. It never went well.

User pleasure_hunter had a list of suggestions commenting: If you can't find one they are super easy to DIY. You can use a storage container lid, air mattress, large baking sheet, tarp...Okay...but I wiped out on an actual sled. I can't even imagine how poorly I'd do on a baking sheet.

feralparakeet (actually laughed out loud at that name) wrote: Contractor bags were awesome for that when I was a kid. 

And finally, the suggestion that will most definitely land you a brand new injury. Especially if you're a man...

dealer92 said: Just get your self nice wide/ flat snow shovel and ride that baby down the hill.

Others made very sensible suggestions like using an innertube instead or shopping online.

For now, I'll stick with borrowing a sled until I can find a real one. My knees/back/neck/any other part of my body that would most likely be injured by riding a tarp down a hill will thank me later.

What's the weirdest thing you've used in place of a shed? Let me know on the KFR app ⬇️

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