Everyone knows the old saying mothers love to tell their children while growing up, ‘If your friends jumped off a bridge, does that mean you should?’ Well, while many of us haven’t jumped off bridges because we can still hear that voice in our head (though, as someone who has jumped off a bridge and pier, depending on the circumstances it’s actually really fun) we all forget about this warning when it comes to skydiving. There is just something about jumping out of a moving plane at 10,000+ feet in the air with nothing but a thin sheet to slowly propel us back down to Earth. With summer around the corner to offer optimal jumping weather, here are some Southwest Michigan locations for skydiving. 


Established in 2005, Skydive Allegan takes pride in the location and services they have to offer for any risk taker. Having an all-inclusive facility, regardless of disability, they understand that choosing to skydive is a big and unforgettable choice for anyone. Skydive Allegan is also home to Western Michigan Universities Skydive Broncos Collegiate team, they continue to support the local community and school by hiring pilots from WMU’s Aviation Academy. 

Pricing: Contact Skydive Allegan directly by phone, email, or on their social to set up a time and learn more about pricing options according to the details of your jump. 

Bonus: If you like skydiving so much you want to regularly go without worrying about being considered a ‘beginner’ because it’s a new location, Skydive Allegan actually offers a student course where you can become a licensed skydiver. The best part about this is that your very first tandem jump (and more importantly the money from that jump) gets counted as one of your jumps needed for practicing. This course is more than just jumping out of planes, this individualized program teaches you how to prepare for certain weather conditions, different altitudes, canopy control skills, freefall maneuvers, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a licensed skydiver, contact Skydive Allegan for the best information. 

Grand Haven 

Skydiving Grand Haven has been providing thrilling adventures at multiple locations since 2012. As the closest skydiving location to Grand Rapids, Skydiving Grand Haven began at Calkins Field in Wayland, MI. Part of what makes this location an especially unforgettable experience is the proximity to Lake Michigan. While the horizon line of Michigan’s great lakes can be seen from most diving business locations, Skydive Grand Haven flies directly over Lake Michigan before reaching your drop zone a few miles inland.  

Pricing: Like most skydiving businesses, circumstances like elevation level, number of jumpers, and the jumpers weight affect pricing. Skydive Grand Haven has a price simulator on their website that can help with your personal estimate. Though, they have a few discount options: when paying cash, you save $20. If you schedule your jump within 14 days of your birthday, you save $20. The more jumpers you have, the more you can save per jumper. If you are military or first responders, you save $10. 

Bonus: In addition to the video and photo packages, jumpers also have the option to buy additional memorabilia items. If you know someone who has always wanted to skydive, they offer gift certificates for each jumping option. 


Centrally located in Michigan and within a short drive to each coast of the state, Skydive Tecumseh has been offering a safe and exciting experience for any Michigander and beyond for the last 53 years. With the fastest skydiving aircraft available in the Midwest, they offer different levels of jumping for beginners. Having recently relocated to Jackson, MI with new ownership, they still hold strong to their roots and legacy their experience has been offering in Tecumseh 

Pricing: Pricing varies according to week or weekend rates. Like most places, the price can also vary by elevation level. Though, in addition to the standard 10,000 and 14,000 feet jump, they offer an 18,000-foot jump for an approximate 90 seconds of free falling. 

Bonus: Unlike the other locations, Skydive Tecumseh offers AFF Skydiving. Unlike tandem jumping where you’re attached to the expert, AFF diving is a solo fall with your own parachute alongside two professionals to guide you down. This means, even as a beginner, you can skydive on your own. They also offer courses to become a licensed jumper. 

When it comes to skydiving, safety and landing destination should be a major factor before jumping. Obviously, no matter where you decide to go, for your first jump anywhere you will go through a short training course to prepare you for the jump. This is not only for your safety, but also a potential liability for the business you choose. Before jumping you should check about potential weight restrictions, each weight can still jump but there might be an additional fee the higher the weight. Each business also offers a photo or video package for an extra fee, which is incredibly worth a small fee to have a video of your freefalling experience. 

Which location would you try? Have you already learned to skydive? Where was your favorite place to have this life-changing experience?  

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