When you think of Michigan the Great Lakes are typically one of the first things that come to mind, but the Mitten is so much more! Michigan is truly a winter-water wonderland.

In addition to the largest bodies of freshwater on the planet, we're also home to plenty of inland lakes and rivers that flow throughout our state-- over 300 to be exact!

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With over 300 named rivers in the Great Lake state, 120 of which are considered to be major rivers, do you ever wonder which holds the distinction of being "the shortest river in Michigan"?

Shortest River in Michigan

Though many have tried to lay claim to this notable title, the Pine River in Charlevoix has the distinguished honor of being the shortest river in the entire state.

The Pine River runs through the town of Charlevoix and connects both Round Lake and Lake Charlevoix to Lake Michigan. Writes travel and lifestyle website Howder Family,

If one considers Round Lake to be a separate body of water from the Pine River — which appears to be the case according to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names — then this “river” stretches no more than about 1,500 feet (457 metres).

When you compare it to the longest river in Michigan-- that's nothing!

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Longest River in Michigan

No surprise, the aptly named Grand River is the longest river in Michigan. Coming in at an expansive 252 miles long the Grand River runs from its natural spring source in Hillsdale County all the way through Jackson, Lansing, Ionia, and Grand Rapids an empties into Lake Michigan near the Grand Haven area.

Quite the trek!

In addition to the Fox River on the Wisconsin side and our Kalamazoo River, the Grand River is one of three main tributaries of Lake Michigan.

Now you know both the longest and shortest rivers in Michigan. Save that tidbit for your next local trivia night!

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