It is absolutely bonkers the effort this woman put into shoplifting at a Family Dollar last week.

It was just a normal Wednesday afternoon at a Family Dollar store in Columbus, Ohio until things got crazy.  A 23-year-old woman named Elizabeth Dowell was arrested after she was caught shoplifting.  In a normal world, that would pretty much be the whole story.  Well, the world is far from normal these days.  Dowell was allegedly caught shoplifting and was kicked out of the store by employees.  When Elizabeth Dowell allegedly attempted to get back into the store, the employees locked the doors.  The suspect wasn't letting locked doors stand in her way according to,

Dowell reportedly used a chunk of concrete to smash the glass on the doors and unlocked them. She then went inside and stole “arms full of merchandise,” police say.

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The police report goes on to say that Dowell allegedly threatened store employees with a razor after breaking back into the Family Dollar.  The 23-year-old suspect has been charged with aggravated robbery and is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Many of these 'Ohio Stop It' stories will leave you scratching your head.  However, this is a special kind of strange.  If you are going to shoplift, why would you steal from a discount store?  You're risking your freedom for discount items that you can easily afford.  Also, did you really need the Family Dollar items so bad that smashing through glass and threatening people with a razor seemed like the logical next steps?

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