It's 2020! Everything is unprecedented! Including the need to shop local. (Side note: I move that we ban the word unprecedented after we get to 2021. Who's with me?) More seriously, supporting local business has never felt more important. Which is why Downtown Kalamazoo has decided to extend a national "holiday".

Shop Small Saturday officially happens the day after Black Friday every year. But, since 2020 is a little different, the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership has decided to extend Shop Small Saturday through most of December.

But, you won't just be browsing the store fronts of the established businesses in place in downtown. Instead, you'll also have an option for an outdoor Holiday Market. On their website, the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership says,

As part of December’s Small Business Saturdays, a Holiday Mall Market featuring local vendors and entrepreneurs will be set up outdoors on the North Kalamazoo Mall.

As well, when you're shopping this Shop Small Saturday, you'll receive a "I shopped local in Downtown Kalamazoo" pin which, according to their website, you are encouraged to share.

While the Shop Small Saturday extension doesn't last to the end of December, you still have a couple of chances to not only shop small but experience the Holiday Mall Market.

  • December 12th 8:00am - 11:00pm 
  • December 19th 8:00am - 11:00pm

Those who attend are asked to wear a mask even while shopping outdoors and to maintain social distancing.

Shopping online might be easier, but definitely not as unique as buying from a local vendor, shop or artist whether you need to finish your holiday shopping or, ahem, start (like me). Again, for more information you can visit Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership's website.

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