A grandmother's facebook post goes viral after witnessing a man with his pants down in front of Lawrence Public Schools.

Robyn Gardner posted this on Facebook early Thursday Morning,

A message went out to parents later that morning from the Lawrence Superintendent Gretchen Gendron,

Lawrence Families, This is to inform you that this morning, at approximately 7:45 a.m., Michigan State Police were called to the west edge of campus to investigate a call of indecent exposure. The suspect was a minor child. The situation was handled promptly and efficiently by both the Michigan State Police and Lawrence Public Schools. Investigation and follow-through will be handled by the Michigan State Police. While an unfortunate incident, it was handled quickly and professionally. Respectfully, Gretchen Gendron, Superintendent

Reading through the comments on the facebook post that now has 168 shares, it seems that the suspect is a special needs student that was allegedly not properly supervised.

Luckily quick action was taken and the Michigan State Police is investigating the incident.  We'll keep  you updated on this situation.


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