Detroit is known for many things, but farm animals is not one of them. Sure, from time to time we see a dude with a pet goat, or a guy riding around a horse. But to spot a sheep in the wild in Detroit is a pretty rare thing. A guy was driving in Detroit over the weekend as was lucky enough to spot one as he ran away from the moving car. He captured the sheep running through Detroit's east side in the area of Van Dyke and Harper on Saturday. It's unclear where the sheep even came from or where it was going.

The best part of the whole video is the entire time he's filming the video he's calling it a Llama. "It's A F*ckin' Llama. You been a baaaaaaaaaaaad llama." Frickin hilarious. I don't know how he got lucky enough to spot it, but his commentary made the video gold.


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