The dame that first the designed the 'Poodle Skirt' had no idea she was creating the look of the 1950's

Do Dah Parade 2016 spotlighted energy, inclusion and acceptance. As a team the KFR Crew decided that our float would take you back to the 50's with 'Grease Lightening'. It was fun to dress up in that era's styles, and I learned something too. How the 'Poodle Skirt' came to be the fashion statement of the 50's.

According to there once was a young woman, Juli Lynne Charlot who was an singer and an actress by trade. One year, Juli was invited to a Christmas party but had nothing to wear and did not know how to sew. Juli had an idea, her mother owned a factory that used felt, so she would use the felt to make her outfit.

I cut the circle out of felt, which allowed me to cut a complete circle skirt without having any seams. I added some whimsical Christmas motif appliqués and the result was so attractive that I received many compliments at the party.

People were not just paying Juli lip service about her skirt, in fact they started ordering the skirts and soon Juli had her own highly successful business. Since then the style became a classic, And you can personalize them with whatever you want!

The skirts are fun to wear, and once you have had one on, you will want to wear it again.

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