This sleepy intruder's response after being found where he didn't belong was hilarious.

Last week on an otherwise normal and uneventful night in Berea, Ohio, a couple got the surprise of their lives.  After going to bed for the night, the couple remembered that they left their back door unlocked.  That's when the crazy discovery was made according to,

The woman woke up and decided to check on her cat. She heard a loud bang, which awoke the man of the house. He rose to check on the woman and saw the man sleeping on the couch.

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It's not unusual to read police reports about drunken intruders found sleeping in a complete stranger's home.  However, it's rare that they look like they just left a job interview.  A clean cut man wearing beige dress pants had apparently entered the Ohio couple's home, threw his suit jacket over the coffee table and crashed out on the couch.

The homeowner turned on the light, threw the suit jacket at the intruder and asked the man, "who are you?"  The stranger's response was classic.  He told the homeowner, "go back to sleep."  The homeowner then forced the man and his nice clothing out of his home, locked the door and called the police.

Nothing was reported broken or stolen.  As of today, Goldilocks has not been identified or located.  You think that's crazy?  Check out the craziest home invasions in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana that happened in 2021.

Craziest Home Invasions in the Midwest for 2021

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