What are the Seven Wonders of Southwest Michigan? They are a combination of places and experiences that make the Kalamazoo area wonderful.  But it's not just Kalamazoo.

From gorgeous and historical places like Kalamazoo State Theatre to incredible programs that are changing the lives of many like the Kalamazoo Promise. Southwest Michigan has a lot to offer. Not to mention the magic capital of the world.

The Seven Wonders of Southwest Michigan

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We should probably throw in honorable mentions for both craft breweries and cannabis dispensaries.  You can't move without bumping into a dispensary or brewery in Southwest Michigan. Some would say that either Kalamazoo or Battle Creek areas should be considered Michigan's capital of cannabis.  Oh yeah, Fall colors.  We do have some of the best Fall colors in America.   Check out the drone footage taken in October of 2023 on M-51 near I-94 just outside of Decatur.

Did we get the Seven Wonders of Southwest Michigan right? If you think we missed something that makes Southwest Michigan amazing, let us know in the social media comments.

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Gallery Credit: Yelp/Canva

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