That strange moment when your security camera catches unknown kids twerking in your driveway.

Friday evening I was minding my own business, fixing myself dinner when I saw something strange out the kitchen window.  It looked like two young girls ran to my driveway, looked around to make sure the coast was clear.  Then one of them pulled their shirt up and began to twerk.

I thought there's no way that really just happened.  So, I checked my security camera footage and here is what I saw...

It turns out I am not crazy.  But to make the evening even stranger.  I then took one of my dogs into the back yard and was startled by a loud noise above me and saw this.

Yeah, two very low flying hot air balloons.  I know the Kalamazoo Balloon Festival was happening this weekend at Gull Meadow Farms.  But these guys seem a little off course, no?

It just makes me wonder.  These are the two things I happen to see.  What is going on outside my home when I'm not looking?  I need to get out more.


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