Here are 3 easy tips according to Journal Star


  • Photo By: pralineparadise/ ThinkStock
    Photo By: pralineparadise/ ThinkStock

    Avoid Caramel

    Avoid candy with caramel.  It tends to cause the most cavities, because it sticks to your teeth.  But straight chocolate isn't as bad, because it melts fast, and gets washed away by your saliva.

  • Photo By: Ferli Achirulli/ThinkStock
    Photo By: Ferli Achirulli/ThinkStock

    More Water

    Make them drink more water.  They won't want to eat as much candy if they have a glass before they go trick-or-treating.  But they might need to use the bathroom in the middle of it, so it's your call.  They should definitely have a glass of water afterward though, because it helps wash away the sugar.  Obviously make them brush before bed too.  And Halloween is probably the most important day of the year to floss as well.

  • Photo By: Jennifer Barrow/ ThinkStock
    Photo By: Jennifer Barrow/ ThinkStock

    Candy AFTER Meal Only

    Only give them candy after a meal.  Again, they won't eat as much because they'll already be full.  Plus, eating dinner will make them produce more saliva to wash away all the sugar they have for dessert.