Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, here is how you can save some dough!

Dana Marshal makes fun of me for keeping my heat so low in the winter but it makes sense when you want to save some money! As my parents always said..."if you are cold put a sweater on." Maybe you want to save money on your heat bill but dropping the temperature is not the change you want to make.Thanks to here are some ideas that might work for you as well as put some cash back in your pocket.

Check your thermostat.

Set it no higher than 68 degrees in the winter. For every degree lower, you’ll carve about 5 percent off your seasonal bill.

Garden to insulate.

 Plant trees and bushes on your house’s north side to keep winter winds at bay and on the south side for summer shade.

Harness the power of the sun.

 When it’s cold out, open the curtains to warm a room.

Replace your filters.

Clean or replace furnace, air conditioner and heat-pump filters regularly to keep the units running efficiently.

Seal drafts.

Use caulk and weather-stripping to prevent air leaks around windows and doors. It’s a small investment that pays for itself many times over.

If we take advantage of these great tips, we might go broke this winter due to our heating bills!


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