Kalamazoo Ribfest is finally here. Maybe you've got some questions. Maybe we've got some answers.

Q. When is Ribfest?
A. Kalamazoo Ribfest is Thursday, Aug. 3rd thru Saturday, Aug. 5th, 2017. Gates open at 11am.

Q. What's the entertainment line-up for Ribfest this year?
A. Thursday night, the headliners are country act, Union Guns. Friday night, it's Michigan's own classic rockers, Grand Funk Railroad. On Saturday, It's Rev Run from Run-DMC. And again, those are just the headliners. There's plenty more music earlier each day.

Q. What does it cost to get in?
A. If you're coming for lunch, it's free until 4pm. After 4pm each day, it's $10 to get in .

Q. I bought Ribfest tickets in advance. Where should I go?
A. Good call to buy in advance. You should head to the west entrance near Eleanor Street.

Q. I didn’t buy advance tickets and need to purchase them on-site. What about me?
A. No problem. You'll need to go to the main entrance at the bridge on Water Street.

Q. What about VIP tickets?
A. Another good call. If you’re looking to enjoy Ribfest in style, a VIP ticket is where it’s at! VIP ticket holders should enter through the Eleanor Street entrance on the west side of the festival grounds.

Q. What's this I hear about an After-Party?
A. Glad you asked. It's at Bell's,Saturday night. Here's what you need to know.

Photo: Sarah Stiennon, TSM
Photo: Sarah Stiennon, TSM

Q. How do you purchase the ribs/food from the vendors?
A. All food vendors accept cash and/or credit directly at their booth spaces.

Q. What about beverages?
A. Alcoholic beverages are available in designated areas throughout the festival grounds and must be paid for using drink tickets, which are for sale at convenient kiosks for the price of $1 per ticket. The amount of tickets per beverage depends on your drink choice. Check your program on the way into the festival for updated drink prices.

Q. What about non-alcoholic drinks?
A. We have water and soda available for two tickets a piece.

Q. Will there be other food available in addition to ribs?
A. Yes, most vendors will also have a variety of barbecue items in addition to ribs, along with various side dishes. We’ll also have desserts from Mangia Mangia and Not Just an Almond, Maui Wowie Smoothies, and carnival style concessions from Ibison Concessions.

Q. What items are gluten free at the event?
A. All the rib vendor’s sauces, if used, are made gluten free. Some of the desserts available will also be gluten free, including the smoothies.

Q. Do you take credit card? Or is it cash only?
A. The admission gates and all our ticket booths accept both cash and credit card. We also have an ATM located on site.

Q. Do you allow re-entry?
A. Before 4 p.m., you can come and go as you like; however, after 4 p.m., there is no re-entry if you leave the festival site.

Q. Where is a good place to park?
A. There are several lots, parking ramps, and metered spots near the festival site.       Here's a map of available parking options here. (Keep in mind that downtown Kalamazoo is currently in the process of streamlining parking procedures)

Q. Can we bring our own lawn chairs?
A. Yes, in fact, we recommend it! There are a limited number of folding chairs available on a first-come basis, so lawn chairs are a great way to ensure you have your own comfortable seat.

Q. Is there an age limit to attend?
A. Kids are welcome! We just ask that after 7 p.m., all kids under the age of 17 must be with an adult.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the festival grounds for Ribfest. Only service animals with their required identification are allowed.

Q. Can I bring my camera?
A. Yes! You are welcome to bring your own camera and take pictures of the event! We encourage you to share your photos to social media with the hashtag #KzooRibfest! Tweet us at @RibfestKzoo or Like Kalamazoo Ribfest on Facebook!

(Please note, some artists have requested that attendees not use long lens equipment or video. Signs will be posted at the entrance and announcements will be made and we ask that you respect the artists wishes.)

Eric Meier/TSM
Eric Meier/TSM

Q. Ok, one last question. Why is the sky blue?
A. It has to do with sunlight being scattered by molecules and blue light scatters the most. Red the least. But then it sort of reverses at sunset. Chances are you'll see both beautiful blue skies and gorgeous sunsets are Kalamazoo Ribfest. (weather permitting)




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