It's so great to see local businesses thriving and opening after getting through one of the worst economic times for businesses in a long time. We've seen a slew of openings in Kalamazoo in 2021 from the Crafty Crab on Gull, Five Lakes Coffee on Westnedge, The Lefty's Cheesesteaks in Portage and Kalamazoo, and many others are starting to get into gear. But with success, we've also seen failure and Kalamazoo is always looking to expand and diversify. That being said, there's always that one place you'd love to see come to your town.

Personally, it would be great to have a place like Dave & Busters come to Kalamazoo, although that may add some competition to Airway. Jack In The Box and Whataburger are two fast food restaurants people have been requesting to come to Michigan for a long time, but some people fear more chain fast food places would kill local business. The debate rages, but one thing is for sure, any of the following businesses would most likely be happily welcomed in Kalamazoo.

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We had over 300 people put their suggestions in and we were able to add up the Top 10. It was close with the final 3, but we think these are the most requested restaurants people want to see come to The Zoo:

The Top 10 Restaurants People Want To Come To Kalamazoo Right Now

I asked our audience what restaurants they'd like to see make it over to Kalamazoo and I was honestly caught off guard by some of the answers. Over 300 people gave were the Top 10:

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