Police are investigating after two people found razor blades in their candy after trick or treating in Ohio.

Not only did two people from the same neighborhood in Colerain Township, OH find razor blades in their candy, one person was injured according to WDTN.com,

...the object were found in candy collected by two kids in the Pleasant Run neighborhood. The razor blades were in a partially opened Reese’s peanut butter cup and a Kit-Kat bar.  The blades were found by the parents who immediately went to the police. Officers say they have an idea where the tampered candy came from, but don’t know the specific house.

One woman was sliced and needed several stitches after finding a razor blade in her child's candy.

The two kids that ended up with the shocking trick instead of treat were out trick or treating together in the Pleasant Run neighborhood.  The kids and parents both have no idea where the tampered candy came from since they covered 5 or 6 streets.

The situation is still under investigation.

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