As if rising gas prices and potential credit card skimmers weren't enough to worry about now you have to add razors to the list of things to watch out for at the gas pump.

The incident happened on Monday in Caloma Township, a city south of South Haven. The police department posted about it on their Facebook page telling people to

Please be vigilant and inspect handles prior to use.

According to MLive police were called to a Speedway gas station after a customer found two razor blades had fallen off the pump handle when they went to pick it up. Cops went to investigate the matter and that's when they found six more razors on top of the actual pump.

Because the blades were found underneath the handle ("where a person would squeeze down...") police say this was a deliberate act. Unfortunately, even several hours of security footage didn't help in identifying when and whom placed the razors since the cameras were partially blocked by trucks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the department at 269-468-8291.

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