Something you should know about me-- I'm a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. It's a remnant of having lived in Nebraska for three years and Husker football being the only excitement out there. Can you blame me?!

While watching the Huskers lose to the winningest team in college football history, I noticed a familiar face along Michigan's sidelines. Decked out in maize and blue from head to toe was none other than rapper/reality TV star Flavor Flav. Like me, were you also curious as to why he was there?

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Flavor of Love

Born William Jonathan Drayton Jr. in New York, the 63-year-old rapper rose to fame as a founding member of the socially conscious hip-hop group Public Enemy. After the height of the group's success, several members went on to follow lucrative media careers including Chuck D and Flavor Flav.

Most notably, Flavor Flav made appearances on VH1's Surreal Life before getting his own infamous spin-off Flavor of Love. So how, and why, did Flav find himself in Ann Arbor on Saturday?

Michigan Ties

I thought Flav perhaps was a parent to a student at the University of Michigan, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Other than owning a now-closed chicken restaurant in Sterling Heights, Flav has no apparent ties to the Mitten.

According to MLive, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was in attendance simply because he's a fan! In a statement, Flavor Flav told MLive,

For the first time ever in life, I got to see my favorite college football team play in person...I’ve been a fan since I was young. When I was little, their helmets excited me. And then I got into the team, and I found out the team was pretty good.

"Pretty good"-- to say the least!

Close Call

Flav is lucky he made it to the Big House for his first game at all. TMZ reports Flavor Flav got into an altercation at the airport after missing a flight in Las Vegas. Watch the NSFW video below:

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