You know how we used to always say, "There's an app for that,"? Well, in the era of Tiktok, I find myself now saying, "There's a filter for that."

I was scrolling through the app last night when a video from That Michigan Guy, or @ryanredoute, popped up on my feed.

I'm not sure if he created the filter or just stumbled upon it but, judging by his reaction, he didn't get the result he wanted:

Ten percent Ohioan? No wonder he was offended. Shocked, even.

I tried the filter a few times just to get an idea of the range of results. So far, I've gotten:

  • 80% - a Michigander by birthright only
  • 500% - the Ultimate Michigander
  • 200% - Ope! Wow. Definitely a Michigander

To use the filter, you can open up the above Tiktok video on your phone which will give you a link to the filter or, just search for "Pure Michigan Filter" on Tiktok.

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Hopefully, you won't get rated as an Ohioan, as Ryan did.

About That Michigan Guy

If you love content about anything and everything Michigan, this account is worth checking out.

He covers everything from popular travel destinations within the state of Michigan, foods Michiganders love, and even what Michigan accents might sound like in the future:

You can see all of his videos here.

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