Earlier this year, a popular fast-food chain announced a string of closings mostly on the east side of the state.

Twenty-six Burger King locations shuttered their doors in the Detroit area in March of 2023. It left the public with two questions: What happened? And, will more locations be closing in the state?

What Happened

Over 400 people lost their jobs after the franchise owner, who lives in Texas, failed to come to an agreement with the Burger King Corporation. Apparently, Burger King filed a lawsuit against the franchise owner for "breaches of written agreement," as reported by freep.com.

It sounds like the franchise owner, who only owned the Burger Kings in the Detroit area versus the rest of the state, failed to pay Burger King dues associated with running the restaurants.

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Are More Locations Closing Across the State?

In May of 2023, Burger King did announce that they would be closing 400 locations across the country which already included the 26 locations closed in Michigan.

As reported by today.com, Burger King CEO, Joshua Kobza, said that the company

historically closes a couple hundred Burger King restaurants each year.

Unfortunately, they did not list the exact locations that will be closing across the country. Could it include Western or Mid-Michigan locations? Perhaps.

For now, if you live outside of the Detroit area, your local Burger King should remain in operation.

Burger King is hardly the first restaurant to shut its doors in the state of Michigan and, it won't be the last. In fact, there's a list of Michigan restaurants that have closed since appearing on National T.V.:

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That hasn't been the case for these six restaurants, all of which have closed after being featured on national television.

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