A Coldwater, Michigan man hid from police in the strangest place, Indiana.

Many times when I share a strange story about someone being arrested in Indiana it involves nudity.  For example, there was the Indiana man found passed out naked on a tractor last July in Huntingburg.  Let's not forget about the Indiana woman found naked by police in a hotel lobby.  Not once, but twice.  This story ends with a suspect completely covered in somebody else's clothing.

Last week a suspect identified as Gunnar Clark led LaGrange County Sheriff deputies on a strange chase through LaGrange, Indiana in his Dodge Durango after police attempted to pull him over for a minor traffic violation according to Wane.com,

(the suspect) pulled into Mountain Street Apartments. Police say Clark got out of the Dodge and ran inside an apartment and locked the door. When deputies heard screaming and yelling inside the apartment they forced their way in.

What law enforcement eventually found was the suspect hiding under a pile of laundry in a complete stranger's closet.  What may have been a simple traffic ticket for Clark is now multiple charges which include Resisting with a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana.

Not to mention, he has the worst "coming out of the closet" story ever.

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