Indiana woman found nude in a hotel lobby not once, but twice in one day by police.

Friday Night Valparaiso police responded to a call at a Super 8 hotel.  They found Ronda Kalil with no pants on in the hotel lobby according to,

Police identified the woman as Ronda Kalil and determined they had been to the hotel earlier in the day in response to her being completely naked in the lobby, according to the incident report. Police found her highly intoxicated earlier in the day and escorted her back to her room with a warning she would be arrested if she again showed up naked in the lobby.

You see a hammered 53-year-old half naked woman not following instructions.  I see a woman taking baby steps to do the right thing.  The first time they found her in the lobby she was totally naked.  The second time she had a shirt on.  Progress.

The police covered her with a towel, escorted her back to her room and did a blood alcohol test.  She was more than 6 times the legal limit.  The suspect was charged with public nudity and public intoxication.


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